Sugarhouse Sportsbook Review and Promo Code

The Sugarhouse Sportsbook launched to New Jersey residents on August 23rd, becoming the third officially licensed sports book in the state. This is significant because of the recent ruling from the Supreme Court that allowed states to determine whether to regulate or legalize sports betting in their state. New Jersey has gone ahead with that, allowing sports book sites like Sugarhouse to come along and begin offering their services to residents.

Sugarhouse Sportsbook Promotions

Sugarhouse Sportsbook is currently offering new customers a 100% deposit match bonus up to 250 dollars on their first deposit. This is a significant bonus offer for new customers to consider when weighing whether they should join the site. Users that do utilize this bonus can take advantage of the bonus offer by placing bets with their match bonus in various betting opportunities across the website.

This promotional offer is designated towards new customers that have not completed their first official deposit yet. This offer can be great for customers that are looking to start with an upper hand. This offer is great so that users can test the waters of the website without directly spending their own money. While yes, they are depositing their own funds, they will have the opportunity to play with some of the houses money as a part of this exciting promotional offer.

Customers should consider taking full advantage of the offer by depositing the maximum match bonus of 250 dollars to have the greatest starting edge when beginning their career on the Sugarhouse Sportsbook. This promotional offer is eligible with new deposits that use one of the acceptable payment methods, credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

Sugarhouse Sportsbook – Promotional Offer FAQ

Who is eligible to take advantage of the 250 dollar offer? (100% Match Bonus)
New Customers who have not yet made their first deposit are eligible for this offer.

What is the maximum deposit match bonus for this offer?
The maximum match bonus is 250 dollars.

Can I use the bonus dollars to place bets on Sugarhouse?
Yes, read the promotional offer details located on the Sugarhouse Sportsbook promotions page.

Can existing customers take advantage of this offer?
No, this particular offer is for first time depositors only. Other promotions may include existing customers. (Check Promotions on Sugarhouse Sportsbook)

Sportsbook Mobile App and Website

With the recent news that legalized sports betting across the state of New Jersey, Sugarhouse Sportsbook has become an emerging online sports betting destinations for local residents to start placing bets from. There are a number of things to take a look at when reviewing the overall interface of the sportsbook itself. First and foremost, the bonus offer directed at new customers is fairly generous which speaks to the goodwill of the sportsbook to try and engage with the public to start growing their interface.

As far as the sportsbook software goes, Sugarhouse appears to have an impressive interface built that makes wagering easy and simple to understand. This is extremely important considering that many sportsbooks fail to simplify their sites enough for potential users to understand.

Depositing and withdrawing are always important factors when dealing with a wagering website. Players can deposit utilizing either credit or debit cards, as well as the online platform known as PayPal. Deposits are instant and withdrawals will be processed usually within twenty four to forty eight hours.

There are a number of reasons to consider playing at Sugarhouse, whether is be the high quality customer support, fast withdrawal processing, or overall positive interface that simplifies wagering, the Sugarhouse Sportsbook has done a very nice job emerging as one of the latest sportsbook that catches the eyes of sports bettors.


Just about everything checks out with the Sugarhouse Sportsbook. Starting with an outstandingly generous promotional offer, things just seem to keep getting better when analyzing some of the more important details relating to the website. The Sugarhouse Sportsbook offers mobile betting and desktop support, which is great for users that want to place wagers from practically anywhere. The only requirement is to be located physically within the New Jersey jurisdiction to place a bet. It is as simple as that!