FanDuel Sportsbook Review

Recently, FanDuel followed its rival DraftKings into the New Jersey online sports betting market after DraftKings got a several week head start. FanDuel opened its online operations for business in September 2018, partnering with the Meadowlands Racetrack to offer sports wagering. FanDuel had run the physical sportsbook at the site since it opened in July. As will be detailed below, the FanDuel sportsbook is a solid entrant into the New Jersey online betting market and combines FanDuel’s market edge with the knowledge of its new parent company Paddy Power Betfair. FanDuel’s effort is a solid marker that has the potential to be one of the best entrants into the marketplace.

Account Sign-up

Account sign-up is as easy as it is for FanDuel’s daily fantasy sports offering. All that is required is to go on to the online or mobile app and choose an account username and password. Registrants must also give limited personal information so that FanDuel has it on file. At that point, you are then a FanDuel account holder pending verification. Location in New Jersey is required to place a bet so residents of other states cannot use FanDuel to circumvent their own state’s gambling laws. You can be on the website and have your information submitted to FanDuel in the time that it will take you to finish reading this article. Users will have to provide their social security number for both identity verification and tax purposes. Once FanDuel verifies your identity, you can begin to place wagers once your account is funded.

Depositing into the Account

Just like sign-up, funding a FanDuel account is quick and easy. Users can deposit using their checking accounts or their credit or debit cards. Whether additional fees are required is dependent on how the credit card company treats the transaction. Account holders no longer have to go to the post office and get a money order or pay exorbitant transaction fees to fund the account like they did for offshore websites. Another newer option is the ability to fund the account through the PayNearMe program. This program is available at any 7-11 store. $10 is the minimum amount that one can deposit into their account. Choosing a funding option is quick and easy and the account can be funded by the time that you log off of the website on your first visit if you so choose.

Lobby and Game Options

FanDuel is able to leverage its knowledge of its customer base that it has gained from years of DFS operation to help provide a customized experience for its account holders. The options in the lobby may be highlighted for the player based on sports that FanDuel knows that the user prefers. FanDuel’s online site is adept at providing quick information so users know the major events of the day immediately after logging into the site.

With regard to available games, FanDuel has the usual offerings that any sportsbook would have. FanDuel offers baseball, basketball, boxing, football, college football, basketball, college basketball, mixed martial arts, soccer, hockey, golf and tennis. When it comes to soccer, players can bet on most of the European leagues, including all of the major competitions. Still, FanDuel’s sports’ offerings are limited to the major sports and those looking to wager on more exotic sports will have to look elsewhere. Specifically, FanDuel offers only nine sports in total. FanDuel offers all sorts of wagers including spread, moneyline, parlay, teasers, round robins, over/under, alternate lines and futures.

One new feature that other sportsbooks have introduced that FanDuel is not offering is live betting. This type of betting is what sports leagues believe will be the thing that drives ratings and interest in their sports. It enables bettors to cash out or hedge bets as the game is played. Other online sportsbooks in New Jersey are offering this option, but FanDuel is not. Since FanDuel will want to maintain competitiveness with its rivals, especially DraftKings, one can anticipate that this may be something that FanDuel will offer in the future. FanDuel’s parent company has made its name offering this type of betting in Europe so one would think that it is only a matter of time until it is offered here.

A check of FanDuel’s lines shows that they are fair and certainly in line with, if not better than its competitors. This is one area where FanDuel’s offering is very competitive.

Customer Support

FanDuel is strong in the area of customer support. Users have the ability to enter into a live chat with a FanDuel representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is an icon on the website that customers can click and they are connected online to a customer support representative. In addition, FanDuel maintains phone lines and an email address to field help inquiries.

Technology and Usability

Where FanDuel really shines is in its navigability and the ease that users can wager. The user interface is aesthetically pleasing and players are well able to track their games and wagers while they are in progress. In addition, FanDuel offers gambling tutorials and walks the users through how to play on the website. One does need to take much time at all in order to use the website. In this regard, this author was able to learn how to wager on FanDuel within minutes of logging into the website for the first time. This may be the single greatest feature of FanDuel’s website. In addition, FanDuel’s mobile app is easy to use and makes betting on sports on the go a breeze.

The technology comes from a partnership with International Game Technology PLC. This company has provided the platform for FanDuel’s sportsbook. Both the online and mobile versions use IGT’s technology. IGT has done its job well, providing a brilliant platform that is both user-friendly and stable. FanDuel also works with GAN to power its online sportsbook.

Sign Up Bonus and Promotion

One area where FanDuel does not quite match its competition is in the area of sign-up bonuses. FanDuel matches its customers’ first deposit up to $100, which does not equal its competitors’ bonuses. For example, the recently opened SugarHouse Sportsbook matches up to $250 for the customers’ first deposit. There are rules on play-through of the deposit bonus, which cannot be withdrawn immediately.

Overall Impressions


  • Gorgeously presented data and information
  • The platform is easy for even the most novice gambler
  • Broad array of options makes deposit easy


  • Deposit bonus lags behind competitors
  • Sports available could use expansion

What FanDuel attempts to do, it does well. However, FanDuel needs to be more ambitious and inventive with its line of offerings in order to become the top online sportsbook in New Jersey. While FanDuel beats its competitors in terms of usability, it falls behind its competitors both in terms of number of offerings and incentives offered. Although the website is great, its competitors offer a more engaging experience. If FanDuel is able to scale its platform, it should really be onto something. However, FanDuel needs to be more imaginative in its product line and its marketing. FanDuel’s technology and its ability to leverage its parent company’s years of corporate knowledge and experience should provide it with a leg up once it establishes itself in New Jersey. Perhaps FanDuel chose to be less ambitious in its early stages of operations and intends to expand its operation as it gains more experience operating a sportsbook in New Jersey. FanDuel definitely has the elements for success in place, but needs to do more to have a compelling offering as its competitors will tweak their websites to become as user-friendly and visually appealing as FanDuel’s. FanDuel’s operation is in its infancy and, like its DFS product, one can expect innovation to come as FanDuel’s sportsbook offering matures. This offering is great for the average player, but those looking for more exotics should head elsewhere. However, those looking for a brilliant and intuitive platform need look no further.